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3 years ago my doctor told me that it was near impossible for me to conceive naturally and guess what?
I'm now 26 weeks in pregnancy! All natural.

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My name's Charlotte. I am a 33 years old and married for 11 years. My partner and I tried to conceive for the past 5 years...unsuccessfully.
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3 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 endo
metriosis and was told that it would be near impossible for me to have my own children naturally.

We were devastated. BUT, not ready to give up...

We tried EVERYTHING natural we could think of. N
o alcohol, more exercise, more sleep, less caffeine, tracking ovulation cycles, vitamin supplements - you name it.

I cannot describe the pain and guilt I felt. Having sex with my husband became emotionally traumatic. I was constantly weighed down by the contemplation of infertility.

We seriously considered IVF treatment but were skeptical due to evidence that it led to brain damage in a child. Also, infertility drugs were linked to increased chance of ovarian cancer.

This almost killed our otherwise happy marriage.
We were desperate.
But then...

One evening we came across an
information packed book which revealed the shocking truth about conventional infertility treatment and the medication trap.
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It went on to describe lots of ways in which couples could improve their fertility 100% naturally whatever their situation.
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We followed the in-depth advice religiously for 8 weeks; naturally improving our diets, breathing, taking the advised herbal medication etc and then...shock.

I could not believe it! I have never been happier to see 2 little lines show up on a piece of plastic in my whole life! Our dedication to this guide paid off.

So here I am now, 26 weeks in and have developed quite a bump.
It pains me to see couples failing at conceiving. I now want to do all I can to make this resource more widely acknowledged by all in this situation.

I beat infertility and so can you.
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